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'Extraoridinary measures' (2010) 'A Portland couple have two children with Pompe disease, a genetic anomaly that kills most before a child's tenth birthday. The husband, John, an advertising executive, contacts Robert Stonehill, a researcher in Nebraska who has done innovative research for an enzyme treatment. He has little money to fund his laboratory, and a thorny personality that drives away colleagues and funders. John and his wife Aileen raise money to help Stonehill's research and the required clinical trials. John takes on the task full time, working with venture capitalists and then rival teams of researchers. Time is running short, Stonehill's angry outburst hinder the company's faith in him, and the profit motive may upend John's hopes. The researchers race against time for the children who have the disease.'

Piękny film, podnoszący na duchu, oparty na autentycznej historii rodziców walczących o życie dzieci. Krytykuje politykę koncernów farmaceutycznych. Fajna rola Harrisona Forda jako zakręconego naukowca. Zdecydowanie polecam!

sobota, 15 stycznia 2011, maya.d

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